Hi, I'm Alison!

I’m a product manager at heart that loves building new things with an intentional approach. I strongly value collaboration, community, and paying it forward.

As a nonprofit leader, with six years hand-ons experience in building community, bootcamp curriculum,  and curating unique experiences for women pivoting into and advancing in tech, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my expertise with top organizations such as Google, CISCO, Bustle and more.

My ultimate goal is to shift the paradigm of how we approach work, making it more balanced and human-centered. I believe that by prioritizing the wellbeing of yourself and others, we can dismantle the “move fast, break things” tech culture and redefine what it means to center equity in our research, development, and decision making.

Outside of work I enjoy cute cafes, reading thrillers, and playing with my pet bird Stinky.





“Alison’s passion is contagious. She’s an expert in and champion for the continued cultural and technological progress. Her pursuit to see a paradigm shift in society’s consciousness and unique interconnectivity is relentless, unapologetic and an inspiration to everyone she encounters.” – JLL, Vice President

If you are looking for a speaker, consultant, or just generally want to pick my brain; click one of the links below and get in touch.

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