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Alison Falk: Cybersecurity Speaker

Alison (she/her) is an international speaker, cybersecurity specialist and a Hack NOT Crime advocate. Her passion for raising awareness on personal cyber safety and experience in the industry led her to become a recipient of the (ISC)2 Center for Cyber Safety and Education award. She has a demonstrated history in international business and holds Master’s Degrees from both George Washington University and Fu Jen University in Cybersecurity Engineering & Policy Compliance and Brand Management respectively. She is also the founder of WITPGH, an organization that helps women gain skills and scholarships in emerging technologies.

Alison’s recognitions include: RedChair Pgh Scholarship recipient for leadership as a mid-career woman in IT, honored as one of fourteen individuals shaping the Pittsburgh tech scene by The Incline’s Who’s Next in Technology, and recognized alongside Katie Bouman in BiTCH Media’s BiTCH 50 for Science and Technology. She has been featured in many national publications including Motherboard, WIRED, and NY Post, and invited to speak at SXSW, Linuxfest, Google, CISCO, and more.  

“Whether it’s in regards to tech equity or cybersecurity, Alison’s passion is contagious. She’s an expert in and champion for the continued cultural and technological progress in all three subject areas. Her pursuit to see a paradigm shift in society’s consciousness towards each and their unique interconnectivity is relentless, unapologetic and an inspiration to everyone she encounters.”

Vice President, JLL

What makes Alison a great cybersecurity speaker?

The content is fresh and engaging. Unlike typical cybersecurity trainings or talks, Alison understands that people have short attention spans. She gets straight to the point and keeps it high energy in the process.

Teaches people the importance of cybersecurity in a way that is meaningful to audience. Doing so helps listeners take proactive steps that keep those around them, including their place of employment, more cyber safe. 

Alison’s approach is not punitive, nor fear-based. She meets people where they are while emphasizing the greatness of technology as a tool and being able to take back control of that tool.

Why Choose Alison?

Cybersecurity can be dry and boring and it can be difficult to find someone who is passionate about not only the topic but also keeping the audience engaged. While the topics below remain taboo in nature to some, someone has to talk about them! Otherwise, we continue to put ourselves, our families, and our companies at risk. Alison’s background in both cybersecurIty, education, and research at the center of sexual health and technology allow her to cover these often ignored cybersecurity risks in a professional manner that keeps you entertained, while leaving a lasting impact driving you to take action for a better future. Looking for a custom talk? Schedule a call and let’s figure out next steps!

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