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Learn Cyber

Interested in becoming more familiar with cybersecurity? This is a great place to start! You’ll find a non-exhaustive list of free and paid resources that I’ve personally used to absorb new information and learn industry skills. This platform is a collection of mostly beginner resources for technical familiarity and is helpful for folks of any age and background. 


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The (not boring) Scoop on Cybersecurity

for teens and young adults

We do and share nearly everything on our phones. Did we ever stop to think of the consequences? In this course, I walk you through it all : social media, oversharing, the harm of underage sexting, online predators, data tracking, facial recognition, the cloud, and more. This course covers everything teens (and you) need to be aware of in today’s digital landscape and is perfect for educators, parents, and anyone interested in a general knowledge of the industry and its impact on our personal lives.

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Safe SEXting 101

Course Goal:


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Cyber risks of Porn

When we talk about cybersecurity risk, as industry professionals we can’t ignore the subject of porn. Porn website get more traffic than Netflix and on top of that a good amount of traffic to adult sites occurs during work hours. We’ve seen the headlines of executives wreaking havoc on the corporate network from visiting this type of content on their work devices. This course gives you a better understanding of how that occurs and what you can do about it as a company and individual in terms of policy and safe browsing respectively.

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Hi! I’m Alison ☺️ I’m an international speaker and a Hack NOT Crime advocate. I’m also a recipient of (ISC)2 Center for Cyber Safety and Education award for my passion ensuring people have safe online experiences when it comes to taboo technologies. I’ve been recognized alongside Katie Bouman (who took the picture of the first supermassive black hole in space) in BiTCH Media’s BiTCH 50 for Science and Technology. I’m the founder of a digital platform called SEXTECHSPACE that offers free education on the foundations at the intersection of human sexuality and tech, former managing director of Women of Sex Tech, and founder of a nonprofit pioneering holistic approaches to technology education called WITPGH. I’ve also been featured in many national publications including Motherboard, WIRED, and NY Post; and invited to speak at SXSW, Linuxfest, Google, CISCO, and beyond.  I’m really excited you are here and encouraged by your inspiration to add new habits to your digital lifestyle that will keep you safe and secure!


“Whether it’s in regards to tech equity, cybersecurity or sex tech, Alison’s passion is contagious. She’s an expert in and champion for the continued cultural and technological progress in all three subject areas. Her pursuit to see a paradigm shift in society’s consciousness towards each and their unique interconnectivity is relentless, unapologetic and an inspiration to everyone she encounters.” – Vice President, JLL

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