It's obvious...

Teens and young adults are attached to their phones. 

In a world where we (and yes most of all do it) happily and addictingly overshare everything about our lives, at what point will it be too late to understand the consequences of our own actions?

Before it’s too late, what if you could help your teens become their own cybersecurity experts?

What if you didn’t have to waste time crafting ways to get through to young adults that they must be careful about what they post online?

What if you could teach them how to protect themselves and learn how to pursue a lucrative career in cybersecurity as a byproduct?

Keeping up with how fast technology is advancing can be overwhelming… I hear you.
But persuading kids to be more intentional with their screen time
doesn’t have to be  problem anymore. At least it won’t be for you!

Imagine having a real actionable lesson on cybersecurity at your fingertips!

Here’s the problem…

You know that as children continue to grow up in conjunction with technology, we need to start having new conversations about what this means. Beyond that, we know that cell phones have greatly impacted the safety and mental health of children across the nation. 

However this subject is constantly avoided and neglected because it is complex and no one really understands the whole picture or long term consequences yet. But the effects on every single area of our life is clear: cyberbullying, stalking, sexting, you name it and the line has been crossed.

Then the thoughts creep in.

“I’m not a technologist, I don’t know the first thing about cybersecurity.”

“Who am I to tell kids how they should be using their phones?”

“This is super overwhelming and I don’t even know where to start.”

That’s where I come in.

What if…
You could have a ready-to-go lesson on staying safe online, building skills for a career in cyber, and other critical topics without having to go down a rabbit hole?

Let me show you what that looks like:

Can it really be that easy? Yes.


"The (not boring) Scoop on cybersecurity"

a cybersecurity curriculum for teens and young adults

What’s included? Great question!

• Professional course taught by me (learn more about me below!)
• Printable slide deck PDF
• Set of guided discussion questions for groups or self reflection
• List of resources for continued learning
• Bonus Lesson: The scoop on cybersecurity careers
• Bonus Lesson: The scoop on education and learning cybersecurity skills
• Bonus Lesson: Building out your resume with $0 and 0 experience

Still not sure?

take a look inside:

Course Intro:

What is cybersecurity anyway? We’ll dive into that and learn the difference between what it means in a business sense versus when it’s applied to our personal lives. This is the stuff they don’t teach you in school, but should!

24/7 digital life:

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nothing is secret:

What’s the cloud? We’ll talk about that. Are we being tracked? We’ll talk about that too! We go over everything regarding our digital livelihoods and what that means for our lives offline.


At this point, after everything you learn you’re going to be asking “what can I do to protect myself?!” This module will simplify the action steps and share changes you can make right away!

bonus 1!

Cybersecurity Careers: I’ll fill you in on the state of the industry today: typical salary, job types, etc. and what is predicted for the future.

bonus 2!

Educational Resources: Do I need to wait until college? No I can show you how to start right now. We’ll discuss university and other alternatives.

Bonus 3!

Resume Building: You’ll learn the exact methods I used to build my resume utilizing free resources available to anyone with an internet connection and some spare time that will wow employers.

Meet the instructor & cyber Safety Specialist

I am an international speaker and a Hack NOT Crime advocate. I am also a recipient of (ISC)2 Center for Cyber Safety and Education award, RedChair Pgh Scholarship for leadership as a mid-career woman in IT, honored as one of fourteen individuals shaping the tech scene by The Incline’s Who’s Next in Technology, and recognized alongside Katie Bouman (who took the first pic of a supermassive black hole) in BiTCH Media’s BiTCH 50 for Science and Technology. I have been featured in many national publications including Motherboard, WIRED, and NY Post, and invited to speak at SXSW, Linuxfest, Google, CISCO, and more.

My background in cybersecurity, education, and research at the center of sexual health and technology make me uniquely qualified to educate on the subjects I am passionate about in an engaging, professional manner – leaving a lasting impact that’ll drive you to take action for a more secure future.


"Alison's cybersecurity presentation held our Scholars' attention from start to finish. Our Scholars had so many questions about cybersecurity and data tracking during the presentation. I really appreciated how Alison spoke to our Scholars about teen sexting and the repercussions. Her approach was not punitive, but informative which opened our Scholars up to discuss and think critically about the topic amongst themselves. After the presentation, we received an abundance of positive feedback from our Scholars and staff. We are looking forward to having Alison back again soon."
Gabriella D.
Program Coordinator @ Crossroads Foundation
"I really enjoyed the presentation. I thought it was very straightforward. I felt that she gave myself and other Scholars a clear view of what we should be paying attention to when doing things on our phones and other electronics. Thank you again, Alison. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation."
Kiana B.
10th grade Scholar @ Seton LaSalle High School


Who is this curriculum for?
This curriculum is created for humans! Anyone who is alive should be aware of the information shared within this course. However, the format of the content is particularly catered to teens and young adults. 

I’m not a teacher or educator, will these still work for me?
Yes, if you are a parent, I’d encourage grabbing some popcorn and watching together with your kids!

I already have a lesson plan ready, would you be willing to speak live?
Absolutely! I often teach this course live, can tweak the curriculum to meet your needs, and allocate time for discussion and Q&A questions. Please get in touch if you wanna chat about next steps.

How can I access this course and lesson plans?
Once purchased, you will receive an email with your login credentials and a link to the learning platform. 

How long do I have access to this?
You’ll have access to this for one year. The reason being is I want to encourage you to actually utilize the material! The sooner you start to understand technology’s impact on our privacy the better and safer you will be 🙂

Can I share this with other teachers?
***Please note there is a “one purchase per class” policy. You can purchase these for your own class or family, but if you wan to share this with other teachers (or another class or family), they will need to buy their own access to this course.
If you are a student or scholar and would like to share this with your class, please ask your teacher to purchase this curriculum and share the access with everyone.
You cannot resell these materials.

Are there refunds?
Please see our digital refund policy Digital Refund Policy.

Have another question?
The best way to reach me is via email. Please allow me 48 hours to respond.


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